New Collection

The new collection with own fabric designs is coming soon. Here already a glimpse of the new collection.

Own Fabric Design

For quite some time I have been toying with the idea of producing fabrics with my own design. Thanks to the painting skills of my daughter I have no shortage of possible motifs. And my son has also discovered painting and already supplies motifs for the next collection. But one after the other. After I had developed five designs, I started looking for a fabric manufacturer. It soon became clear that this search was not easy. For one thing, I didn‘t want to produce miles of fabric, and for another, only a few manufacturers know about coated fabrics that are approved for children. But I found what I was looking for.

Babyfood! Finally!

After months of milk, our son is looking forward to eating babyfood.

My first Arts and Crafts Fair Experience

Encouraged by my husband, I decided to participate in the Arts and Crafts Fair at Albany Middle School. Pregnant at 38 weeks, it was quite a challenge. I had no idea how many bibs I would be able to sell. To be on the safe side, I was busy sewing bibs. My hackermom friend Tawny who successfully run her own jewelry business gave me useful tips to prepare for the fair. Although I did not sell all my stock, it was a very good experience.

Taking Pictures

Ahead of time, I asked my daughter if she would feed her doll wearing the little bib so that I can take some pictures. One Sunday afternoon, I was ready to take the pictures. But she refused to be my model. So I asked my son. Luckily, he was willing to be my model. We had a lot of fun feeding the doll, kissing the doll and several times, she fell from the table.

The birth of the Messy Little Elephant Logo

When my sister-in-law offered to sell my bibs in her shop, I knew I needed a brand name and logo. One day, my daughter came home from preschool with a really nice drawing of an elephant. Since a journey to Thailand when I was 12 years old, elephants are among my favorite animals. Although they are so heavy and strong, their steps are so soft and smooth. After hours of brainstorming, I came up with messy little elephant. On the basis of my daughter's drawing, the logo of messy little elephant was created.

The Messy Little Elephant Song

"From Muesli to the chocolate bread"


Inspired by a song of an Austrian band, my husband rewrote the lyrics to our son's eating manners on a Friday morning.

Here is the English translation for all those who don't understand the original version:


Friday morning, xxx (Austrian swear word that even I don't understand)!

Again, you are very very dirty

It must have been the delicious, sticky Nutella

Nono, it is not your fault

On top, you are only a little bit stubborn

Eating only when you don't wear a bib

It was clear, and we already have seen it coming

Dirty from head to toe

so that clothes need to be changed



After every meal, you need to be redressed again

You are a "Saubär"

After each and every meal, the floor needs to be cleaned with a damp cloth

You are a "Saubär"

Saubär, Saubär, Saubär

You are a Saubär

Saubär, Saubär, Saubär,

You are a "Saubär"


As you can see, my son is not very impressed.

He rather thinks, what, me, not having good eating manners? No way! Luckily, he is wearing a bib!


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